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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Charlotte NC Condo CanDo®...Condominium Specialist

Charlotte, NC July 5, 2007

What do we know about the condominium market in Charlotte, NC?
All that glitters is not gold.
How do resales compare with new construction?
Depending on location, resales are enjoying some snap and my feel is the consumer still preferes new construction over older units in many cases. Something about the lure of granite and stainless.
What about all those high rise towers in the Uptown area?
I frankly think it's scary. Just for fun, look at building permits for the 4th quarter of 06 for condominiums and then ask that question.
What about condos as investments in Charlotte?
Snobbery is not my forte, but a high concentration of investors in any project on any street be it attached housing or single family homes is less than desireable. No kidding, folks.
What would you look for in a condominium?
I have a basic belief that a person should be able to exit with all reasonableness...price, time, etc.
I tend to look to 3 to four years from now.
How long have you been specializing in condominiums in Charlotte, NC?
More than 20 years.
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