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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The wearing of the green...seems like a good day to begin a blog...spring is truly in the air here in Charlotte, NC...the pear trees are almost in full bloom running almost the whole length of Wendover Road...and the town itself is blooming. In many ways. Okay, especially in real estate. Charlotte used to be a sleepy Southern town. We had Mom and Pop shops, small towns as our neighbors. Cows and horses nearby. Charlotte was a peaceful town with a couple of good restaurants, a couple of movie theatres, a nearby river...and a vibrant energy. That was in the 50's...and times have changed. I sometimes smile when I tell the folks who are relocating that everything they are coming here really gone. And Charlotte is still vibrant and good and fun and growing like all get out! And that is what I love and that is what I will be writing about...real estate from my point of view. Charlotte, NC has been my home for well over 50 years and real estate has been my life support for over 20 years. I specialize in Condominiums. Condo CanDo, our registered servicemark along with The Real Estate Lady, also registered back in the late 80's...both saved my neck as a new agent in a highly competitive market. Now, I blend technology with intuition and experience with listening...observing the market for both buyers and sellers. I have three websites built over the last ten years. They are in the throes of being updated...the research has changed, the stats have changed, and our editor will change as we migrate to a new one. And I am one of the few remaining "Mom" shops...I open doors for folks, pour them a cup of coffee or green tea...sit on the floor and play with the children...and sometimes I give advice like, "Now is not the time to sell"... or "Wait a while". Let the green begin...and thanks for tuning in. The Real Estate Lady/ Condo CanDo Lynnsy Logue

Outside the Fence

We met a long time ago...when children were making paper airplanes...when we made a talking box telephone of small boxes and string..we would climb over the fence to the baseball game. Stan the Man was my favorite. I watched between the chain link fence. The guard wouldn't let me stay. He let the boys stay. I stood outside and really, I was afraid standing alone outside the fence. I put my hands deep in my corduroy pants pockets and scowled so I looked mean. I walked home in the dark alone. I was seven years old. I always practiced being unafraid.
Today, I am alone and like it. I am afraid and do not like it. I miss baseball. I still wear corduroy pants. Some things never change.

Now I am on a new journey. I may have some time left. I want to close this chapter and go to a quiet place like it is here in this space I love so well...I want to go to a small secluded space and gather the books I have started, the poems I just dashed off...I want to be with my dog and a warm cup of chai, some oatmeal and I want to write and write until all the memories are washed and all the tears are shed and all the love I ever held is allowed out there, out there, you know outside the fence.