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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Charlotte City Life-Part 2

February 12, 2008

City Life-Part 2

1.EpiCentreCollege and Trade Streets. Includes shops, restaurants, a hotel, entertainment and
210 Trade, a 53 story condominium tower.

2.Jackalope Jacks Moving from 7th Street location to an old Pecan Avenue Church in Plaza Midwood. Opening late 2008.

3.Founders Hall

Bank of America is renovating Founders Hall to add room for street-level retail. Renovations to begin in spring and expected to be finished by the end of 2009.

4. Whole Foods MarketFocus on South Park location. No opening date.

MetropolitanThe $225 million project on Kings Drive will include shops, condos, offices, restaurants and shops. Target and Home Depot are open. Other retail including Trader Joe's and Best buy will be opening in April and continue through early 2009. The condo lofts will open in June; the terraces to open late 2008.

Quietly, or not so quietly, the old Midtown Mall also known as Charlottetown Mall, has redefined, re-created itself. Out with the old and in with the new…and this time it was done without tearing down a precious part of our history…a grand old home or a stunning and classic period building. This time, the creek was uncovered after fifty years, some small incidental shops and a service station were relocated and presto! The greenway emerges. I see Midtown as the best of both worlds at this point…a stunning mini-river walk, a mix of office and retail plus the best of Home Depot and Target…close to Uptown, close to classy in town neighborhoods… And as Second Ward takes on its own persona it will create a link between Uptown and Midtown that is amiable.The uncovering of the creek from a concrete parking area…the reclaiming of the green space…and the versatility and ambiance of Midtown, plus it’s strategic location put it heading for “jewel” in the Queen City crown. I love this city!

Lynnsy Logue, The Real Estate Lady and Condo CanDo, Charlotte, NC

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Charlotte City Life, Part One-(Start Singing here...)

February 12, 2008
Charlotte City Life- Part 1…

How we gonna’ keep them down on the farm after…
Lynnsy Logue, The Real Estate Lady and Condo CanDo, Charlotte, NC

Towering over the city, the steel birds work every day...on South Tryon, they seem to have found a rich feeding ground...for there are many, silently pecking, or so it seems, at the ground around them in every direction.They are cranes. Building cranes. The ones made of steel that tower in the Carolina Blue sky against a backdrop of glistening new buildings, a mammoth called the stadium, and yes, off in the near distance, a pink glass tower.Welcome to the New South, a city that prides itself on its newness, yep, it's Charlotte, NC. Not Charleston, Chapel Hill, or Charlottesville. Charlotte.

Besides the focus on Uptown Charlotte Condos, there's much more going on here. I have heard it said and say it myself, we're building a city here. And it is hard to keep up with here is a list along with status. And it will change before it has a chance to be old. It seems that is our custom.City Life:

1. Spirit Square watercolor by Warren Burgess for
The cultural arts center was originally supposed to be sold as part of the baseball stadium swap, but the property was taken out of the deal.Currently, a committee of residents, arts groups, and county staffers is studying how Spirit Square should be redeveloped.

2.Wachovia Arts Complex
The complex on South Tryon Street will include The Mint Museum, Afro-American Cultural Center, Bechtler Art Museum and Knight Theatre. The Mint is scheduled to be completed in early 2010; others will open in late 2009.

3.Uptown Baseball Stadium

The Third Ward Park will be a new home for the Charlotte Knights. The project which involves a complicated land swap ( see above Spirit Square note) is moving along. Officials hope the Knights will play there in 2009.

4. N.C. Music Factory

An uptown entertainment district. North of Fourth Ward in Center City. Outdoor stages, restaurants, bars, night spots, music venues, and other arts and entertainment businesses. A four lane road to the area should be complete this spring. Outdoor stages may open in late summer. Bars, cafes to open late 2008.

5. Uptown Dog Park
A 1.3 acres dog park will be built by Park and Rec in Frazier Park. Building in the spring with other dog parks to follow uptown.

6.Charlotte Trolley
The trolley will run on the light-rail line from Atherton Mill in South End to Ninth Street in Uptown. Open this spring or sooner.

7. NASCAR Hall of Fame

Ground was broken in February for the $157 million hall of fame next to the Convention Center on College St. To open in early 2010.

8. UNC Charlotte's uptown campusAt Ninth and Brevard streets, this classroom building is for for graduate level courses in business and architecture and others. Plans are being reviewed by the state construction office. Scheduled opening 2010.

9. Rhode Island School of DesignCenter City Partners is spearheading the effort to bring RISD to Charlotte. The branch if negotiations are successful would be located uptown.And this is just hitting the highlights in Charlotte.

On to City Life. Part Two!
Lynnsy Logue, The Real Estate Lady and Condo CanDo, Charlotte, NC