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Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7th, 2015 Sunday morning

The French have a saying, the gist being you
have to go too far to know where enough is.

The idea of balance comes this morning as I walk through the garden section at Lowe’s, looking at tags to see if I know the names of flowers or shrubs, scanning for those I have in my own garden to see if there is anything new. I know that I can only look these days because I have planted all I can; there is enough- except for those I need to replace only after I have tended them to see if they will come back. Many do. Often. I love the garden. I love Charlotte, NC. My home for over sixty years.
And then I think about the balance between like and love and indifference and irrelevance and how we discover those feelings or attitudes within our own beings and how they take shape by our experiences.
Whether a garden, a home, a relationship, a city…
I think about how anything can become an addiction, how we shape our thoughts and match our actions and create a rhythm that can be moderated, syncopated or out of control, and imbalanced. I am a real estate broker and have been for nigh on to thirty years now and still going strong…what does love and balance and discipline have to do with our city?