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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Could Not Sleep Last Night

July 24, 2014

I could not sleep last night.
The word is "stucco".

Sometimes days just roll out of the last  minutes of midnight and head towards their own unique beginning for each one of us.
Yesterday ended with “stucco” and today’s, just shortly after midnight, the second between the last second of the passing day and the arrival of the new, the word ‘stucco’ flashed in neon again and again.
Not so weird, I am a real estate broker and have been for almost thirty years now. Some days the word starts later and could be a couplet, “loan approval” or  lone words, “counter”, “closing”, “due diligence”. Well, you get my drift. Words symbolizing, punctuating the day and sometimes days depending on the transaction.
The last couple of days, one word has been and is still, “Stucco”.There is more to stucco than meets the eye and that is the source of the mystery, unraveling what lay beneath or is growing on. Everything about stucco is important. But then all of the details in real estate and probably all businesses are important. I take mine personally. I do not sleep.
Further, this case of stucco has me going back to the house, with permission of course, taking pictures of anything that feels odd, shouldn’t be there. I carefully parse every corner and walk up very close to examine the substance if any is coming from a small crack.
So I thought it might be a good idea to write about quirky or very simple pieces of a real estate experiences. The world imparts, and it seems everyone portends  to be an expert when it comes to the how-to’s, the numbers, the surface stuff, maybe it is the small stuff that drives the detective in me after the bold, big strokes are catalogued.
But you see it is the small stuff I sweat. Because  the pieces are the sum of the whole.

What do you think?