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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Mind at Rest Starts to Play Again

One door closes another opens

We know in the business of real estate, the days can be long, the nights stressful and there are just never enough hours in the day, or so it seems. There is the work at hand, goal setting for the next quarter, the holidays, classes, conferences and the major domo, change. The days are exhilarating, the pace is quick and strong, and the excitement of the evolving real estate industry keeps body and mind at a steady clip. Sometimes it is good to close the door and walk away.

The mind at rest starts to play again

 I did just that this weekend. I left computers and iPad, podcast microphone, notes for clients, and a how-to-start a blog instruction for classmates in process. Set up for Halloween for the neighborhood children and parents who walk along the trick or treat trail was my chief concern. For forty years I  set baskets of organic fruit at my gate and, often in costume, most recently a chicken, I look for the families to come, stop and chat, see their children as they grow from year to year, meet new neighbors and chat with old friends. I like the real people with their children, kids in their costumes, some moms and dads, too, and me in a chicken hat, all add balance to real estate’s moving and shaking, the digital world of data, more numbers and a plethora of predictions; a chance to think of nothing more than our home place.