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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It Was A Dark and Stormy Fall...

It was a dark and stormy fall…little used words like “sub-prime”, kept flying through the air. Here In Charlotte, NC, Condo CanDo and I, The Real Estate Lady, just keep reading and comparing the national market with our local market. The Charlotte market is experiencing different woes. People can’t sell what they have in other states to get here, to make purchases of homes in Charlotte, NC. And the other problem is really not a problem. The correction to over-building was inevitable.. Builders overbuild. And they really have here in Charlotte. We’ve had our share of sub-prime, N.C. is 24th on the list of states with foreclosures. Charlotte is a robust market and our foreclosure rate is equally robust. But all in all, Charlotte fares better than most. Our ranking is in the top three cities for appreciation with a modest 4.6%. One of our biggest challenges right now is the proliferation of high-rise condo towers in Center City Charlotte. I will detail that on our website:

And, of course, being a long-time, well experienced full-time real estate broker, I asked myself,”What can I do to help folks sort this out. ? ” Condo CanDo, my stalwart companion all these years came once again to the rescue. She said, “Let’s tell them what we know. Everything!” “Great idea, CC”…and she added,”Let’s invite them in on our conversation about Charlotte’s Condo Market, what’s happening and where, but most importantly about buying and selling condos here.” We both looked at each other and smiled. We were laughing because we are performance oriented, love the Internet and enjoy people teaching us.So, we sharpened our pencils…loosely translated to “ fired” up our new laptop and put on our thinking caps.

1.Condo CanDo and I will write a Tutorial and Workbook for Buying and Selling Condominiums in Charlotte,NC. The process will be organic. We will make changes, you can make comments,tell your stories, make suggestions.

2. We will write a chapter every week. We’ve created a loose outline. The chapters will be posted on our CondoCanDo website: After posting the written word on the CondoCanDoBlog, we will also have a commentary on each chapter on this podcast.

And this is where you come in…we invite you to comment, add information, offer suggestions or your own story about condos right here. We are listening. The conversation has started. Let us hear from you.
What do you want to know? We’re specialists. If we don’t know, we’ll tell you and go find the answer.

We’re off and flying.

The Real Estate Lady® and Condo CanDo®, Charlotte, NC
January 8, 2008