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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Close In Primer of Historic Dilworth  

Our real estate columnist offers her run-down of key in-town neighborhoods,including new and coming attractionsBy Karen R. MartinReprinted by permission from the January 2003 issue of Charlotte magazine. for  our website

• Profile: Charlotte’s first suburb, Dilworth sprang up in the 1890s as the new electric streetcar stretched away from the center city. About seventy-five years later, homeowners departed the neighborhood, seeking newer construction and greater acreage in Charlotte’s expanding suburbs. The pendulum swung back in the late 1980s when buyers became interested in living close in. They brought their architects and contractors, and have renovated the houses into gracious homes and office spaces—and prices reflect the renaissance. • Style of home: Typically turn-of-the-century bungalow-style houses, each different from the next, and most expanded with historically appropriate additions, because Dilworth is one of Charlotte’s historic districts. • Shopping: Several shopping centers are along East Boulevard, with shops boasting everything from high-end consignment clothing to ski accessories to natural remedies to fine women’s lingerie. • Other highlights: Latta Park is a popular gathering place, thanks to its stately trees and kid-friendly playground. At the far east end of East Boulevard, Freedom Park is a destination for those who engage in soccer, tennis, in-line skating, and, on a small scale, fishing. • New or coming additions: The most visible is the brand new Latta Pavilion office/restaurant/condo project at the corner of Kenilworth Avenue and East Boulevard. People began taking residence late last year, in condos that range from $160,000 to $400,000. • Defining characteristic: Aside from the wonderful sidewalk system that encourages everyone to walk to stores and restaurants, Dilworth is known for its astounding home values. A home bought for $200,000 in 1994 now may be appraised for nearly twice that amount.

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