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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CondoCanDo's® Archives!
 Here is a screen shot of where we are working tonight! 

What am I doing? One of our web projects is trimming® for better viewing on phones and pads.
So we reduced the size, everything is in a very small book, called "The Book of Condos". And you can GET the info one of three ways depending on how much you want to
know and how fast.
There is "Hot Spots" and that gives you the bullet in 30 words or less. If you want MORE, click and you will go to the long version of each sublect, this is to the heart of CC's website. Then if you want hear the information, like loans, new construction, important notes for  condo buyers and sellers while you are walking the halls, click on PODCAST and there I am, broadcasting the best condo info going.
I snapped a picture of the monitor because I have a due date this evening and am wearing down. So enjoy this. We are digging deep and will have a better schedule for you soon. We just keep finding such interesting information in the condo library.

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