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Monday, March 7, 2016

Good evening,I have been working in the archives pulling together articles and pictures to share. It is more of an undertaking than I imagined and like a favorite photo album, letters from home or old school papers, it still fascinates me to go back to review the early, early 2000's here in Charlotte and before. As I began working with the web in the late 90's, so much was not available so everyday was mining for me.
And yes, I was working full-time then as now as a very active real estate broker.
And it was as much fun then as now. I learned the how's and why's of much of our city from City Within a City to all of the neighborhood statistical data. Both great tools for real estate professionals and citizens. Look up City Within A City Quality of Life Studies. You will immediately see where Zillow, Trulia and other aggregators mine their information.

Photos Brian Flicker

Early on 2008

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