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Friday, March 11, 2016

 "I am like YOU.
  I like ANSWERS."

I am like you in many ways: curious, practical, logical, careful, determined, and thoughtful, yes, love dogs, energized by building: a home, a life, a career, a dream.

So, here, I will pose questions and answer them. This is about condominiums. If you can figure out a condominium, you can figure out just about anything else. Why? Because they are all different. And every part that is unique has equal different parts. That is why I think being a real estate broker specializing in condos can figure out just about any other property.And has and does: foreclosures, farms, mansions, millennials, baby boomers and everything in between. I am inquisitive and dogged. Also a good listener and great detective. WHO?

Besides Q/A, Condo CanDo® and I will show you some of the grand older condominiums, pictures and floorplans from Condo CanDo®'s Archives:Retro/spective.
In addition, again from the Archives, articles from the Observer and other sources  from years ago speaking to development, real estate and Charlotte planning and condos.Repeats.
Then there is the history of condominiums with hand drawn examples from applauded city planner, Warren Burgess.
You get our drift: fascination about a unique living abode that can be exciting and fun yet poses risks, unknowns, challenges and politics. Yes, condos and politics.

I went looking for answers to condo loans thirty years ago and to reserves, to the various condo insurances, to condo conversions and what that looks like, to new construction and condos , high-rise, gardens, conversions and historic condos.
Probably close to one thousand by now. Take note though no condo permits were issued in 2015;(

Yes, I am an active real estate broker, full-time, and I continue helping folks buy and sell property. Notice, property, because those same folks who bought the twenty and thirty thousand dollar condos thirty years ago went on to purchase their first homes, their McMansions, the horse farm, the patio home for Mom who moved from New Jersey and  a place at the lake.
We are off today to look at houses in Dilworth and to talk to a fellow in Union County about a new scanner for old newspaper articles.
Have a great day. Fly high.
Condo CanDo® and Lynnsy Logue, Broker

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