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Monday, March 14, 2016

        " I am like YOU, I like ANSWERS"


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Multiple Family Housing

CondoCanDo's® beginning was only hard getting me to accept that I would tacklecondominiums, find out everything I could and that meant
                            going to the court house, making my own maps, plowing through microfiche files, hundreds of them, and walking the blocks and miles to see them in person, take pictures and determine the kind of heating in each one because that piece of information was not in the files as far as I could tell. The green meters told all. And I snapped  color pictures of every community and their amenities.(In the Mecklenburg history book are many black and white photos taken in the mid 80’s 
like those pictured here.))

Pictures snapped in the early 80's-Charlotte Condo History
Books, articles and pictures, drawings and blueprints kept showing up along the way, omens, or guides, condo spirits, and then a new client who had just purchased a loan assumption in Carmel Village for $1500 dollars brought me the just published book, Multi-Family Housing in Charlotte Mecklenburg. Wow! The drawings include housing types: townhouses, flats, one story attached for starters and a site plan portfolio. This with my tax maps put me in business. I began building my own condo database with Excel before anyone else and before digital cameras became affordable.
I loved it.

And still do.

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