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Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016
The first day of Spring seems appropriate to be sending one of my most fun creations on to the archives of UNC-C. I was 39 or so when this concept came to me out of desperation of a TV station going black then and...oh, well, here is the story by Kays Gary of The Charlotte Observer who for many years before and well after he passed is the Father of all
story tellers in this region.
My Sonic Man library will go to the University and mark the near end of all my projects including dissolving my household down to basics will be completed. I have a crypt to sell, some paintings  and I am close.
My goal has been to be a good steward of both material things and time so no one would have to fret over the paint buckets in the basement, too many linens in a closet and shelves of books and CD's not to mention boxes of photos. I feel lighter and younger more in possession of my wits and ready to see what the next chapter brings.

Me with one opf the actors who portrayed Sonic Man. Roger Bost and Neil Elam carried the hospitals, parades, schools and public appearances and Larry Sprinkle on tv. It took the three of them to manage our busy schedule. Rod Rich my fabulous partner was in charge of Earthman 18 and TKP 911 and I often did not know what they were up to but trusted Rod and his impeccable sense of everything Sonic.

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